WATBus are always looking for volunteers to drive our fleet of minibuses.

Our aim is to meet the needs of all  community and voluntary groups; and individuals who are unable to access public forms of transport due to either specialist mobility requirements,  rural or social isolation or cost.

WATBus Community transport enables people to live independently, take part in their community and to access other services such as; GP appointments, shopping, social visits

to meet with friends & family, trips out, along with education & employment.  WATBus  uses and adapts conventional vehicles to do exceptional things ~ always for a social purpose and community benefit.

The volunteers working with WATBus are an extremely dedicated bunch of individuals who freely give their time, support and energy to helping WATBus.

If it wasn’t for our lovely volunteers we would struggle to deliver our service.

Our volunteers tell us:

“I like to be able to give something back into the community”

“I help those, who are unable to access public transport, get out and about”


“A “thank you” is reward enough”

“WATBus is a great place for friendship and banter”

“I’m retired and enjoy being a volunteer as it gives me a sense of purpose to help others”

“As a single parent, with a small child, volunteering helps me keep sane”

The WATBike project also require volunteers who have a keen interest in cycling – this could be helping us to plan new rides, assisting with our training programme, assisting with promotional activities, and driving a minibus and bike trailer for our guided cycle rides in the evening and at weekends

If you would like to talk to us about our volunteer opportunities contact

Lynn or Barry on:   01670 522999

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